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DZ47S Micro Circuit Breaker (21)

DZ47 MCB is small size Breaker,also called Air switch,it is one kind of the MCB,It is the most widely using terminal protect electrinic in the aichitecture electric terminal power distribution unit.

It is used to protect the single phase,three-phase under 125A,and avoid of short out,overload,over voltage.

Apply to distribution system for lighting (C-type) or motor power distribution system (D-type).

Mainly use to avoid overload,short out in the alternating current 50Hz/60Hz,200V single pole,400V for 2P,3P,4P; 60A current


DZ47 Micro Circiut Breaker Brief Introduction:

Commodity:DZ47 MCB(Micro Circiut Breaker)

Poles Model:1P,2P,3P,4P

Electric shock Material:Silver Contact


Main Feature:

Rated Voltage:1P,1P+N,2P:230AC 

Rated Current:3P,3P+N,4P:400AC

Rated Frequency:50/ 60



Micro Circiut Breaker Function Specification:

  1. Short Circuit Protection
  2. Overload Protection
  3. Isolation Function
  4. Leakage Protection Function
  5. Overvoltage Protection Function


Breif Specification:

1.Leading platform in the world.

2.Enhance the whole breaking capacity.

3.More complete poles specifications,more comprehensive protection.

4. Uniform appearance and design,easy to install and use.

5. Consistent 6KA segmented capacity.

6. Long lifespan:15,000 times mechanical lifespan;10,000 times Electrical lifespan. 

7.Environmental Operating temperature:-20℃ to 60℃


Feature of MCB:

  1. Reliable quality.
  2. High segmentation capacity.
  3. Rapidly release.
  4. Small form factor,easy to install into switch box.
  5. High flame retardant material for shell and components.
  6. Impact resistant plastic material for shell and components.
  7. Energy conservation & environment protection.
  8. Have Long lifespan

9. Guarantee for domestic electrical safety.

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