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  To oversea products ---- All types series PLC are suitable for all safety Standard



2.pulse output.

FX1S PLC element can output 2 points 100KHz pulse at same time,and equip seven special location instruction,including zero return,

read out absolute position,absolute or relative address expression and special pulse output control.


FX1S PLC series is a small controller fuse with excellent feature.

This series is the smallest classical products in Mitsubishi PLC series.

FX1S series is adapt to tiny scale controling,size small like one card.

But has completed performance and other expansibility like communication function.

So,FX1S Series can used as the wide scale where the tiny PLC cannot control previously.


FX1S PLC Detailed specific ation.

1.Integration & Cost-effective,CPU,power,input /output into as one.

2.Accordingly to use display board and function expansion board,the system could be updated easily.

3.Small body,high speed operation.

4.Basic instruction:0.55~0.7μs/order,

5.Applied instruction:3.7~100μs/order.

6.control scale:14~120 points


FX1S PLC Feature:

1.Without worry using,

2.Big size storage memory,

3.2000 steps EEPROM memory storage,

4.Without battery,

5.No need to be maintained.


Abundant Device Resource.

1.supplementary relay:512 points.

2.Timer:64 points.

3.Counter:32 points.

4.Data register:256 points.


FX1S PLC series main type:

FX1S-10MR-001 Elementary unit,inlay 6 input/4 output(Relay),AC Power. 

FX1S-14MR-001 Elementary unit,inlay 8 input/6 output(Relay),AC Power.

FX1S-20MR-001 Elementary unit,inlay 12 input/8 output(Relay),AC Power

FX1S-30MR-001 Elementary unit,inlay 16 input/14 output(Relay),AC Power


FX1S-10MT-001 Elementary unit,inlay 6 input/4 output(Transistor),AC Power

FX1S-14MT-001 Elementary unit,inlay 8 input/6 output(Transistor),AC Power 

FX1S-20MT-001 Elementary unit,inlay 12 input/8 output(Transistor),AC Power

FX1S-30MT-001 Elementary unit,inlay 16 input/14 output(Transistor),AC Power 


FX1S-10MR-D Elementary unit,inlay 6 input/4 output(Relay),(DC)Power.

FX1S-14MR-D Elementary unit,inlay 8 input/6 output(Relay),(DC)Power. 

FX1S-20MR-D Elementary unit,inlay 12 input/8 output(Relay),(DC)Power. 

FX1S-30MR-D Elementary unit,inlay 16 input/14 output(Relay),(DC)Power. 

FX1S-10MT-D Elementary unit,inlay 6 input/4 output(Transistor),(DC)Power. 

FX1S-14MT-D Elementary unit,inlay 8 input/4output(Transistor),(DC)Power. 

FX1S-20MT-D Elementary unit,inlay 12 input/8 output(Transistor),(DC)Power. 

FX1S-30MT-D Elementary unit,inlay 16 input/14 output(Relay),(DC)Power. 











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